How to do a pushup

Proper execution of push-ups

Step 1:

You start lying on your stomach, hands should at shoulder level, palms flat on the floor and slightly apart than your shoulders, feet adjacent and parallel.

Step 2:

The look should be in front rather than the floor. First contact with the floor should be done with the chin, not the nose.

Step 3:

Straighten your arms to push your body off the floor. The palms are held fixed at the same position, and the body is straight. Very important is not to bend or arch the back when lifting.

Step 4:
Exhale as you are moving your arms.

Step 5:

Make a short break.

Step 6:

Allow your body to touch the floor, slowly. Bend your arms, palms in fixed position. Body and legs are straight.

Step 7:

Then lower the body until your chest touches the floor and breathe while the arms are bending

Step 8

Pause for a moment, then begin straightening your arms for the next pushup. Exhale while the body is up.